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Last Light of Summer 2007

Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine

Rita's Wakeup Call While the hurricane carved a path of destruction, it also helped shine a spotlight on a more insidious problem -- human impact on wetlands. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, July 2006]

Fighting for Independence The Nature Conservancy, along with a few determined individuals, struggled for years to save this one-of-a-kind desert wetland. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, Water Feature, July 2006]

Brazos River

Friends of the Brazos Susan Ebert rounded up Shannon Tompkins of the Houston Chronicle, Michael Berryhill, former editor of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, John Ostdick, the nature writer who used to edit American Airlines' American Way magazine, and me, along with Tyson Broad, a research associate for the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club and his wife, Eva, for a campfire discussion and paddle on the Brazos River. [Joe Nick's blog, November 16, 2005]

The Only Honest Lake in Texas It looks like a winner has emerged in the struggle for Caddo Lake. [Texas Observer, July 8, 2005]
Caddo Lake
Balmorhea State Park

Water Wars How growing demand, fuzzy legal rulings and plain old stubbornness have turned Kinney County into a hotbed of water politics. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, July 2005] blog Kinney Water Wars

Top 10 Swimming Holes [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, July 2005]

Balmorhea State Park

The Park That Time Forgot Boasting the world's largest spring-fed pool and a retro-cool motel, Balmorhea State Park is the great oasis of the Chihuahuan Desert. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, April 2005] blog Kinney Water Wars


Guad is Good
Guad is Good; Guad is Great
It's the finest recreational river in Texas, but how long can it last? A special issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, the third in an award-winning annual series of July issues covering water resource challenges facing all regions of the state. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, July 2004] [view press release]
Catching a Break Catching a Break: Surf City Texas It's too flat to surf the beach and not quite warm enough to chase oil tankers in the bay. [The Dallas Morning News, April 4, 2004]
A Force of Nature
A Force of Nature a 4-part series of articles about the Guadalupe covering issues at the headwaters around Canyon Lake to Victoria and rural areas, and on to the Gulf Coast. [San Antonio Current, December 4, 2003]
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4
Cool, clear water

Cool, clear water The sweetest pleasure of a Texas summer is the swimming hole. [The Dallas Morning News, August 31, 2003] plus Swimming Holes Across Texas

Texas Water Safari

Texas Water Safari: 260 miles of rowing your boat To finish the Texas Water Safari, you have to paddle nonstop in a canoe or kayak for 260 miles from Aquarena Center. [The Dallas Morning News, June 27, 2003]

Water Foul Water Foul When the City of Marshall wanted to pump millions of gallons of water out of Caddo Lake and sell them to the highest bidder, the state said, "Sure." Residents of Karnack, Uncertain, and other tiny northeast Texas towns said, "Hell, no." [Texas Monthly, October 2002]
Devils River

Undammed and Unforgiving Why would a veteran paddler go through hell and low water to take on the last wild river? The Devils made him do it. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, July 2002]

Guad is Great Guad Is Great Forget about the Rocky Mountains. For first-class kayaking, fishing, and bird-watching, head to the Lower Guadalupe after Labor Day. [Texas Monthly, December 2001 Great Outdoors]

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