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  Where the pavement ends in Texas

The Great Divide Habitat destruction vs. clean fuel. Is wind power the scourge its critics claim it is? Joe Nick reports from Texas on the big brawl in the Nation's wind power capital. [The Land Report, November 2007]

National Geographic

Desolate Majesty: Preserving beauty without borders Straddling Texas and Mexico, the Big Bend region is high in biodiversity and low in footprints. [National Geographic, February 2007] Listen to National Geographic staffer Kathleen Ridgely read "Desolate Majesty: Beyond Big Bend."

National Geographic Big Bend Field Notes The author jumps over a watery passage in the Chihuahuan Desert. Two and a half million acres (one million hectares) of this desert straddle the Texas-Mexico border in a block of protected land known as El Carmen–Big Bend Transboundary Megacorridor. [National Geographic, February 2007]
Texas Parks and Wildlife

Park and Parcel The underfunded Texas Parks and Wildlife Department struggles to sell itself [The Texas Observer, April 7, 2006]

Back in Black With or without a stocking program, the black bear is returning to East Texas. [Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, February 2006]

Texas Observer

Far Out Far West Texas When the bumpy dirt road to this Far West Texas ghost town was coated with asphalt four years ago, Terlingua became convenient. Its days as a sleepy, unpretentious, off-the-beaten-path reinvented mining town were over. [The Texas Observer, December 16, 2005]

Field & Stream

Paging Dr. Frankendeer A controversy over cloned deer erupts in Texas. [Field & Stream, November 30, 2005]

Texas Co-op Power

I get to profile one of my favorite Texans, Russell Graves, the cover story in the latest issue of Texas Co-op Power, the most widely-read magazine in the state of Texas, with a circulation of more than one million. Read the story as a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Reader. [Texas Co-op Power, August 2005]

LA Times

Up Close and Texan Visitors for the big 'fooba' game have their own ways. So listen up, all y'all. [The Los Angeles Times, December 30, 2004]

Texas Observer It's a Texas Thang - Or Is It? From the Texas Observer's 50th Anniversary issue...It was on a trip to my mother's native country of Greece that I realized there really is such a thing as Texas culture. [The Texas Observer, December 3, 2004]

See the Forest of Cooperation for the Trees The first shot marking a new phase in the great American environmental war was fired last week -- in Fort Worth, of all places. But hardly anyone heard it. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 19, 2003]

A Time to Drill? A Time to Drill? Last year the feds went toe-to-toe with environmentalists over allowing natural-gas drilling on Padre Island, but neither side has scored a knockout. Here's what to expect. [Texas Monthly, March 2003]
February 2003 cover
Pom-pom and Circumstance
Why you can't spell "cheerleader" without "leader."
[Texas Monthly, My Life, February 2003 ]
Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking Nothing advertises your Texas bona fides more these days than a pair of handmade cowboy boots. Here's everything you need to know about them - how to tell a vamp from a pull, which toe style is right with a suit - and where to buy the best. [Texas Monthly, June 2002]

see also Boot Anatomy; 25 Top Custom Bootmakers

Talk Magazine

What Would Donald Judd Do? Seven years after Donald Judd's death, the residents of a cow town in far west Texas are caught in the middle of an estate war between the renowned artist's former lover and his children. [July 2001]

see also The House That Judd Built

Team Player

Team Player How George W. Bush ran the Texas Rangers and became, finally, a successful businessman. [Texas Monthly, June 1999]

extra My Wimberley Why Wimberley is not Columbine. [Texas Monthly, Behind the Lines, June 1999]

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