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www.puroconjunto.com I'm still buzzing over the conjunto panel at the Texas Book Festival. John Dyer showed his beautiful photos and explained the absence of Steve Jordan and Juan Viesca in his book, Juan Tejeda talked about conjunto's roots and the project he's involved with at Palo Alto College to develop written music for the sound that has survived through oral tradiition, and Johnny Degollado, El Montopolis Kid, played his accordion, discussed his own mentor, Don Cantu, and explained why he plays a Hohner Corona diatonic rather than a Gabbanelli ("It's cheaper"). We deliniated between conjunto and Tejano, which really is splitting hairs between conjunto and orquestas, and between conjunto and norteno both geographically and stylistically.

But one of the best parts was meeting Arturo Balderrama, Johnny D's partner, and learning about his website dedicated to all things Puro Conjunto. Check it out. The greatest folk music in Texas is on the web--as well as in the dancehalls, icehouses, cantinas, and the streets.

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