Russell Graves

I get to profile one of my favorite Texans, Russell Graves, the cover story in the latest issue of Texas Co-op Power, the most widely-read magazine in the state of Texas, with a circulation of more than one million.

The cover art of Russell leading his ag students at Childress High School like the Pied Piper is here: Russell is a visionary Ag-Science teacher. Fully aware that most of his students will not work on a farm or ranch as adults, he trains his students to use computer modeling and audio-visual aids to study Ag-science since those skills will likely be useful no matter what professions his students pursue.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Russell is not only an excellent teacher whose students excel in state and national competitions, but he's a community leader and a pretty great photographer and writer.

I stumbled into Russell while working on a story about Prairie Dogs in Lubbock. Old-school thinkers regard prairie dogs as range rats and vermin that should be exterminated. As author of the definitive book about Prairie Dogs, Russell informed me otherwise, making the case that the 'Dogs are part of the prairie ecosystem and benefit the land and wildlife rather than negatively impact it. As such, he's led efforts to create Prairie Dog Towns across the state as well as one just north of Childress on eighty acres of land he's secured as a wildlife habitat preserve for his high school students to research and study.

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