Swimming Hole Report

As dry as it's been in Texas, the swimming holes are holding plenty of water. Water temps in the Blanco are in the upper 70s and the flow is still moving plenty of water.
Blue Hole in Wimberley will be open again on August 6,7 and September 3,4. $5 admission, cheap at twice the price.
In the meantime, Wimberley visitors should head for 7A Ranch, one mile upriver from town on River Road. Parking and river access is $5 per car. The swimming area, above and below the FM 1492 low water crossing, is shallow enough for young kids to safely splash around in.
Barton Springs, I learned this week while on the air at KGSR, is NOT 68 degrees year round, but varies depending on rainfall and the time of year. Heavy winter rains can pull the temp down to 66 degrees, but right now, the temperature is closer to 70-72 degrees.
I'm going to check out Balmorhea next week. The temps there are 78 degrees but certainly cool enough considering the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert.
Krause Springs and Hamilton Pool are open, though their spring flows have been greatly reduced due to the dry spring and summer.
Landa Park's natural pool is rockin' and so is the Chute, the original thrill ride in New Braunfels (sorry, Schlitterbahn).

I was interviewed yesterday by Hector Saldana of the San Antonio Express News about swimming holes. Look for a story in the coming days. From what he said, he's covered the Hill Country hot spots for springs swimming pretty thoroughly.

Jump in, y'all. There's still plenty of summer left.

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