Border Bandits and Racism

Monday, May 16, Kirby Warnock's "Border Bandits" aired on PBS television stations everywhere in Texas except the Rio Grande Valley.
This reaction indicates wounds have not yet healed and we have a long, long way to go until we do. Sent to me Tuesday morning from Kirby:

KERA forwarded this e-mail to me that they received this morning after the telecast of BORDER BANDITS. Rich stuff, indeed. (I particularly enjoy the reference to great Anglo minds.)

Why does public tv insist on conveying propaganda the facts of which I am sure none of your employees know anything about. I am a personal friend of a grandson of WW Sterling (Border Bandit Movie, May 16). Approaching 100 years after many of the events which are spun in this movie I can assert that I have never known a gentleman any finer than my friend. You have elected to participate in a private family's attempt to slander several generations of avery fine family. The warnocks clearly attempt to lynch the Sterlings without trial or evidence. Pity the sad family that has stewed for 100 years because old man Warnock turned his back and ran away to fabricate his story in West Texas rather than taking a stand in his home. When asked, I won't be available to donate to help your station. I can however send you to collect your money from the very wealthy Hispanics of South Texas who have prospered because of the many businesses originated by great anglo minds. South Texas, a region which now offers prosperity to all thanks to the wisdom and strength of men like WW Sterling.

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