Selena's Murder, Ten Years Later

The tenth anniversary of Selena's death at the hand of her fan club president is coming soon.

Selena: Como La Flor

It seems like yesterday that I got the call from David Bennett from the San Antonio daily's newsroom says Selena had been shot, followed by another call thirty minutes later that she was dead. But it's such a long, long time ago too. Tejano music, or whatever it was when she was alive, seems to have died with her. A movie memorializes her. So do a slew of books--I'm proud of my biography which was validated by a book critic on the Cristina Show on Univision, no less--a nice statue of her on the bayfront in Corpus.

But her family moved, her husband remarried, the doctor in Monterrey resumed his mundane life, Yolanda Saldivar remains in prison in Gatesville. Tejano, the great brown hope of regional music, seems to have died with her. Norteno, cowboy bands, and retro conjunto rules South Texas these days. Her brother A.B. Quintanilla III has enjoyed some success beyond Texas with his Kumbia Kings, despite the band personnel turning over several times.

Whatever the movement promised, that promise was broken when Selena fell in the lobby of the Days Inn in Corpus, a ring clutched in her hand.

A Selena Fan Writes.... Here's an email from a Selena fan and my response.

More about Selena

The Queen Is Dead Selena Quintanilla Perez, tejano's first superstar, was about to become an international pop sensation. Instead, she's another victim of gun violence in Texas. [Texas Monthly, May 1995]

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