James Hand Does the Opry

Here's a note from my friend George Hamilton V about James Hand at the Grand Ol' Opry on Saturday night, October 25.
He played the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree later that night. Howdy Joe Nick!
Were you listening in to the Opry last night? George IV was hosting the segment with James Hand at 11pm and we had a great time meeting James & Cowboy Hines and of course had a heapin’ helpin’ of James’ magnanimous music. Was mighty fine!!!!

Then, as we were walkin’ off the stage, I saw Robert Plant back beside the church benches in front of the backdrop. Asked if I could get a photo of Robert with George IV…Robert said ‘I went and bought “Abilene” when it came out! Of course! But only if you let me take a photo of George with my lady Nicola (I believe that was her name) who’s Dad is a BIG fan of George!’.

We all laughed and George IV and Nicola sang the anthem from Wales (her home region) together, while Robert Plant flashed more photos and kept raving something like ‘I can’t believe this! This is amazing! You’re saying that you were just in Worcester last week? That’s where I live! You coulda popped by…’

I asked Robert what he was doing in town. He said he was recording with Alison Krauss.

Now that’s NashVegas!!!

I think James went over BIG TIME with them Opry Fans! George IV was raving about the ET Record shop sounding just like Hank on the Mother’s Best Flour Hour.

So 2 Thumbs WAY up from up here in NashVegas!

Rock On & Viva NashVegas!
-Geo. V

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