Clinton's Library

The Wm. Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library is being dedicated this week. They're really drinking hard up in Arkieland. Even Jerry Jones is coming back for this one. Mary Steenbergen and Ted Danson are among the local celebs hosting.

Am I the only one who thinks the new library looks like a giant Mobile Home on stilts?
Check this artist rendering, which like all artist renderings is sure prettier than the real deal.

Someone else other than Palm Harbor Homes is listed as architect. So maybe it's not. But it sure looked that way when I was in Little Rock back in September. OK. OK. Maybe not a mobile home, so much as modular housing. Or a trailer rig on legs when the tractor has been removed. Whatever it is, it's one Big Ass Tornado Magnet.

But with this view it cannot be denied
It's one good-lookin' hunkahunka Tornado Magnet.

Message to Little Rock city leaders: You really think this is going to revitalize downtown LR? My suggestion: Try moving the whole Central Bidness District beyond the city limits and start all over again.

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