Back and Proud

I'm back from a family vacation visiting kinfolk in Greece following two pretty great days in New York, where I visited my brother Nick Tosches for breakfast one day, a birthday lunch at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame hosted by the fantabulous Devra Dedeaux, dinner with my wife and sons, my sister and her husband, their friend David Byrne, the World's Greatest Publicist Bob Merlis and his partner in music artistry, David Less of Memphis Tennessee, Pete Thomas from Elvis Costello's band, and writer Jim Bessman at Trattoria Del Arte, one of David Letterman's favorite giveaway dinner places for audience participation awards, topped off by witnessing Jim Dickinson and Sons (all three of em--don't tell me he ain't related to Chris Chew, who really does chew) in a rare public appearance at Joe's Pub.

Greece was an out of body experience. More TK

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