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Joe Nick has a new Blog

Check out my new blog with photos! joenickp.blogspot.com

04 Sep '07 -14:30
Selena theory

A reader writes, positing an interesting theory:
"I have been a fan of Selena’s music, and promptly purchased a copy of your book “Como La Flor” when it was first published. I read it cover to cover within hours. As a die-hard fan, I was anxious to learn the facts.
I recently read a letter sent to you from another reader, in which you attempt to answer some unanswered questions, and even 12 years after the fact, it is difficult to truly clear up some of the inconsistencies. I am no expert, and I don’t have ANY of the answers myself… but could it have been that maybe, as rumored/hinted/what-have you, Abraham Quintanilla was in fact hiding an affair with Yolanda Saldivar? Could this have been a contributing factor to the mysterious ‘secret’ behind the whole unfolding of events?
I have long-maintained that I dislike the angle most people view Selena from: Highly revered, almost saintly, and always heavily laced with emotional undertones. Selena could have done no wrong! Selena was perfect! Selena was everyone’s dream child, everyone’s dream wife. That’s all fine and good, but there are a million directions from which her death was ultimately executed from… and people are too afraid to unmask the truth out of fear of marring her perfect image. At this point, and so long after the murder, what could Yolanda Saldivar possibly lose in speaking the truth, rather than coyly dodging and weaving around the facts? She killed a young entertainer… true. But she is not the witch the media has made her out to be. She is not the cold-blooded murderess the Quintanillas would like everyone to believe. There is a truth, and Abraham, I think, is biding his time, waiting for his own death to preserve his own selfish sanity and his positive image."

I wrote back and said the theory is interesting but I don't buy it for a number of reasons.

What do you think?

13 Aug '07 -17:21
FarWestTexas report

August 2007 (more)

27 Jul '07 -15:48
No Cal Report

I went to northern California and all I brought back was this report. (more)

16 Jul '07 -15:37

The passing of Claudia Taylor Johnson marks an end and a beginning. (more)

26 Apr '07 -09:34
Fave New Song Title

Further proof that zydeco is more country than country music as well as one of the most vital sounds in popular music is the new tune by Zydeco
Joe "You Can't Rooster Like You Used To."

I heard it on Texas Fred's Zydeco Hour on XM satellite radio's X Country Channel 12 during which he played other songs about horses and mules and other subjects relating to rural living in the USA.

Et toi.

13 Apr '07 -12:59
Naomi Judd

"Country music's most famous mom tells how to heal, let go, and age gratefully", as profiled by yours truly in the latest issue AARP: The Magazine the largest circulation magazine in America.


06 Mar '07 -07:59
Obama, Sammy and me

Last week, Austin disc jockey Sammy Allred was suspended by KVET radio station in Austin for
referring to Barack Obama as "clean" and as a "darky."
The blogosphere and the mainstream media picked up the story and on Saturday, March 3, Sammy was interviewed by
the Austin American-Statesman for his side of the story. Sammy said he was making fun of Joe Biden, the Delaware Senator and presidential hopeful who
referred to Barack as "clean" and "articulate" which set off a shitstorm that essentially sunk Biden's chances, as if he had any to begin with. Sammy went on to say he was a Barack supporter.
Meanwhile, KVET issued a lame ass apology - if you could call it an apology - and buried it deep at the bottom of the Sam & Bob column on their website.
On Tuesday, the Austin American-Statesman's humor columnist, John Kelso, said many Austinites will rejoice if Barack got Sammy fired and essentially called the 70 year old plus Sammy a grumpy old man -- hey, Kelso. Watch out! You're in pot/kettle territory when you say that.

It's been kind of amusing to see how this pissant controversy has played nationally. And it's made me wonder what Sam and Bob's traffic reporter T-Bone thinks of all this because T-Bone happens to be African-American.

So this week on KVET, Kinky Friedman is sitting in Sammy's chair and I'm sitting at home scratching my head because three weeks ago, I appeared on the Kenny Rahmeyer Show on KLBJ-AM, the local news talk station that carries Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, and made basically the same comment, minus the "darky" reference, describing Barack as "clean" and "articulate" as a dig at Biden. Kenny didn't call me on it, other than to clarify I was making fun of Joe Biden's comment, nor did any of the listeners. Instead, one called backed up my praise for Molly Ivins by pointing out she got the US debacle in Iraq exactly right in 2003 and had been consistent all the way to the present, unlike many flippers and floppers on both the left and the right.

I hope Sammy is back on the air soon. No matter what Kelso says, I think he's one of the funniest people in Austin, no matter who he's insulting. I also hope we can move on beyond taboo words and actually discuss issues that effect us all - even on KVET.

29 Jan '07 -18:15
Sam The Sham


19 Jan '07 -14:55
National Geographic

My first byline in National Geographic appears in the Februrary 2007 issue and online at NationalGeographic.org

I'm very proud to have collaborated with photographer Jack Dykinga on "Desolate Majesty: Preserving Beauty Without Borders" focusing on wildlife conservation efforts on both sides of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo including Big Bend National Park, Big Bend State Ranch, and Black Gap state Wildlife Management Area in southwest Texas, the Canon Santa Elena Protected Area in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, the Maderas del Carmen Protected Area and the Cemex Sierra Del Carmen Preserve in the Mexican state of Coahuila. Together they comprise one of the most important wildlife corridors in the world. Check it out.

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