30 Apr '06 -14:06
Accordion website

Thanks to Forrest Armstrong for passing along the link to Reyes Accordions www.reyesaccordions.com/site.htm

This conjunto-centric site has all you need to know about the Tex and the Mex and el buton, plus it's got a great Events listing page, hyping all the right bailes and shows, including the 25th Annual Conunto Fest May 10-14 at Rosedale Park in San Antonio. Joe Nick says Andale.

Alejandro in NYTimes

"Alejandro Escovedo Has A Lot To Sing About: He's Still Alive"
That's the headline above a very fine profile of Alejandro Escovedo and his new album by Jon Pareles in the New York Times in the Sunday, April 30, 2006 edition.
There's also a very cool seven minute video of Al playing during SXSW and talking about his Vida Loca.

14 Apr '06 -12:07
Texas Parks on the radio

My story in the Texas Observer about the sad state of Texas state parks led to this coverage on Texas Matters on KSTX-FM in San Antonio. Here's the link to the podcast.

09 Apr '06 -12:29
Sad State of Texas Parks

My take on the sad state of Texas state parks is in the latest issue of the Texas Observer. Conditions inside the parks division of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department are so deparate that Texas is willing to sell off state parkland. Meanwhile, studies say Texas needs 1.4 million more acres of parkland to meet the needs of the state's population in 2050.


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