21 Mar '06 -11:29
Songs From The Big Sky

Darden Smith's radio documentary on Texas songwriters aired March 18 on BBC2.

I had a chance to listen up and not only does Darden make me sound smart, it's a damn fine doc. It's still in the archives so you should give it a listen:


Jesse Taylor RIP

One of the best passed on a couple weeks ago. Jesse Taylor of Lubbock and Austin was a Texas original and a real soulful cat to boot. His precise comments steal the show from even Tommy Hancock in the film Lubbock Lights, now available on DVD and he was the heart and soul of the original Joe Ely Band which blew out of West Texas in the mid 1970s and in my mind was one of the best rock ensembles I've ever heard.

Below are a couple of obituaries and testimonials/ (more)

20 Mar '06 -09:52
My SXSW 2006 Top 12

My 12 moments of SXSW 2006 in no particular order. This year was dedicated to catching up with the home boys and girls. When an event is this overwhelming-- I really liked J. Freedom du Lac of the Washington Post’s take on the whole thang; he calls it “binge-rocking”—sometimes it’s better to stick with the familiar. (more)

11 Mar '06 -09:23
James Hand Saves Country Music

James (Slim) Hand has just released his first nationally distributed album The Truth Shall Set You Free at the young age of 53.

A traditionalist from the Get-Go, Slim grew up just down the road from Willie Nelson's birthplace and sounds like he was cut from the same cloth. I am privileged to have written the liner notes of his CD. So I was excited as anyone else when this profile by Michael Corcoran ran on the front page of the Austin American-Statesman on Saturday, March 11 2006

www.austin360.com/music/content/music/stories/2006/03/11jameshand.html (more)

SXSW directors on SXSW

In observance of the 20th year of South By Southwest, its three directors, Roland Swenson, Nick Barbaro, and Louis Black sat down to speak to the Texas Observer about their swinging little March event in Austin. (more)

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