18 Feb '06 -17:33
Escovedo/Cale update

Friends, the CD is all that and then some.
Simply put, the biggest and best production of Al's work to date.
And in true Cale fashion out of the box and all over the map.

Jake's Cuba blog

Jake Patoski, son of the subject of this website and a junior in the School of International Service at American University in Washington DC is spending his spring semester abroad at La Universidad de Habana in Cuba.
He's been posting weekly diaries of his experiences on his blog. Check it out:


The kid can write.

Midland Radio Bans Willie's Gay Cowboy Song

As promised, here's Jimmy's report on Midland country radio stations and Willie's Gay Cowboy song. (more)

Willie's Gay Cowboy Song

In the spirit of "He Was A Friend Of Mine" from the soundtrack of "Brokeback Mountain", Willie Nelson's latest I Tunes offering is "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other". It's a cover of an original that Ned Sublette wrote in 1981, intending it for Willie. Ned is interviewed by my friend Jimmy Patterson from MyWestTexas.com which I've posted belong, along with another article from the same web site reporting country radio stations in Midland will NOT play Willie's new song (as if they played his other recent offerings). There's something poetic about people in George W Bush's so-called hometown feeling uncomfortable. I should know. When Jimmy Patterson interviewed me last summer for MyWestTexas.com, I baited readers by saying I was a proud liberal. Sure enough, a reader raised my use of the word, saying that's a dirty word around the Petroplex. Here's Ned's Q&A with Jimmy: (more)

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