20 Mar '05 -23:03
SXSW Top Ten I Missed

A few shows I heard about and wish I'd seen. Can't do it all. (more)

SXSW Top Ten I Saw

My Top Ten Musical Moments at SXSW 2005, and a couple more

(at least what I remember) (more)

Joe Nick on BBC

Listen to the conversation I had with Bob Harris of BBC2 about Sixth Street, South By Southwest, Austin, Texas and the whole shootin' match, from the corner of Sixth and Red River. (more)

14 Mar '05 -15:52
Ultimate Big Bend Hike

A new contender in the Hardest Thing I've Ever Done contest. (more)

Monday/SXSW--La Sierra and Lyle

La Sierra and Lyle Lovett (more)


Yours truly will be hanging around Austin this week at several events (more)