20 Aug '05 -12:38
Russell Graves

I get to profile one of my favorite Texans, Russell Graves, the cover story in the latest issue of Texas Co-op Power, the most widely-read magazine in the state of Texas, with a circulation of more than one million.

The cover art of Russell leading his ag students at Childress High School like the Pied Piper is here:
http://www.texas-ec.org/publications/ (more)

09 Aug '05 -10:37
Caddo Lake Hijinks

Here's the pushback from the bad guys wanting to industrialize Caddo Lake, courtesy of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.
from Tuesday, August 9 issue of the Marshall News Messenger (more)

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Wanna get away from the crowds? (more)

Ed Ward's Euro travels

Check out www.berlinbites.com for Ed Ward's blog (more)

Big Bend Hike on the Radio

Listen to the Glenn Mitchell Show on KERA.org, Friday, August 12, 1 pm central (more)

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