19 June '05 -18:50
David Johansen, DJ

As it appeared in the May 5-11 issue of Time Out New York, minus the lovely artwork and graphics: (more)

Real World/NYTimes

"And the hot tub goes to....Austin"
That's the headline of my story on cities, coolness, and MTV's Real World in the Sunday Arts & Entertainment section of the New York Times. (more)

Swimming Holes-Top 10

Here's my 2005 Texas Top Ten Swimming Holes, as published in the July State of Springs issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.
It's worth getting a copy for the excellent photographs and all the pertinent service information on swimming holes, and the best writing you'll ever read about water in these parts. Joe Nick says Five Stars. Copies at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Academy, BookStop, HEB, Fiesta Mart, Brookshires, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Krogers, and all the usual suspects, or at your local state park. (more)

08 June '05 -10:45
Houston's South Main

Hanging out on South Main late Saturday night, I found history repeating itself. (more)

06 June '05 -17:46
Texas Accordion Kings

The Saturday show at the Miller Outdoor Amphitheatre in Houston was a polkaholic's delight. as the Accordion, the National Instrument of Texas, was in its full glory. (more)

Return to Giant tonight 6/8

At the Alamo Drafthouse downtown (more)

Sir Douglas on KGSR

I'll be joining Bobby on KGSR-FM this Weds night at 11 pm to play tracks from the Sir Douglas Quintet 5 CD Mercury box set. (more)

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