21 May '05 -15:17
Ed Ward on Leon

Ed Ward writes about Leon on his www.berlinbites.com blog

Here's what I wrote Ed. (more)

17 May '05 -09:22
Leon Eagleson RIP

My old buddy Leon Eagleson passed away last week. (more)

Border Bandits and Racism

Monday, May 16, Kirby Warnock's "Border Bandits" aired on PBS television stations everywhere in Texas except the Rio Grande Valley.
This reaction indicates wounds have not yet healed and we have a long, long way to go until we do. (more)

02 May '05 -19:49
When Sin Stops & Waylon

Last week, I was on the Glenn Mitchell Show on KERA-FM where Glenn and I raised over $18,000 for the listener-supported station by playing and talking about Texas Music for two hours. One song in particular triggered quite an interesting e mail exchange with Eddie Reeves, one of the Nighthawks, the West Texas rockabilly band who had the regional hit before Waylon covered it. Eddie proceeded to set the record straight. (more)

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