21 Nov '04 -19:41
Kayaking on Barton Creek

Flooding around Austin mean it's time to hit the whitewater on Barton Creek, as the News8Austin cable news channel observed.
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then click on play, and see if it plays for you (more)

17 Nov '04 -12:39
Clinton's Library

The Wm. Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library is being dedicated this week. They're really drinking hard up in Arkieland. Even Jerry Jones is coming back for this one. Mary Steenbergen and Ted Danson are among the local celebs hosting. (more)

16 Nov '04 -09:24
John Mueller BBQ in Austin

John Mueller BBQ in Austin adds a second location. John Mueller knows barbecue. (more)

Ornette Blows (and Then Some)

Saxophonist Ornette Coleman shows Austin what tone is all about. (more)