26 Dec '04 -19:36
Border Bandits, The Movie

My old friend Kirby Warnock of Dallas and Fort Stockton turned a simple oral history of his late grandfather into a personal
quest, a self-published book, and now a 50 minute film documentary that has Texas buzzing and is dredging up a sordid chapter in Texas history some folks, including the Texas Rangers and old Anglo families in the Rio Grande Valley, would rather not talk about. (more)

It's a Texas Thang - Or Is It?

From the Texas Observer's 50th Anniversary issue.
When I was in high school in Fort Worth and was seized with the first inclinations to be a writer, my favorite publication was the
Texas Observer, which my government teacher, the sainted Betty Quimby, turned me on to. When I first went off to college in El Paso,
I even wrote the editors, volunteering my services as a correspondent in Far West Texas.
By the time I got my writing chops together, I was distracted by other publications, even though I did do a few pieces for
Jim Hightower and Lawrence Walsh when they edited the Observer.

But what goes around, comes around, I guess, and here I am in the big 5-O issue. I'm proud of my association with the Texas Observer
and look forward to having more of my work published there. (more)

23 Dec '04 -13:31
Merry Christmas, All Y'all

Wishing you n yours all the usual holiday greetings with this cool link. (more)

17 Dec '04 -10:15
Willie for Christmas

Willie blew through Austin the week before Christmas, spreading cheer to both the reds and the blues. (more)

10 Dec '04 -13:21
The Big Birds Are Back

Winter in Texas means the return of the Big Birds. (more)

06 Dec '04 -16:58
Detroit Clem

Nothing says winter like a death of an old uncle and a funeral in Detroit. (more)

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