27 Oct '04 -10:31
Voices of Civil Rights audio story

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Reporter Emily Kopp with the Georgia Gazette caught up with the "Voices of the Civil Rights" bus tour. It is traveling the country collecting stories of ordinary people who lived through the civil rights movement. (more)

13 Oct '04 -13:51
Houston Progress

The first lunch counter sit-ins west of the Mississippi took place in Houston in 1960, where activist students from Texas Southern University, one of the state’s designated "colored" universities in the era of segregation, took the initiative and protested, prompting the city’s white power brokers to quickly work on compromises that led to the quiet integration of the city’s restaurants, movie theatres, night clubs, arenas, stadiums, and other public facilities without violence. (more)

Eldrewey Stearnes

Eldrewey Stearnes was the protestor who integrated Houston. Harrassed and brutalized by police, Stearnes fought back and went to the city council and complained, something Negroes didn’t do in the segregated south. (more)

Albany, GA

Albany, GA is often cited as one of the few places along the Civil Rights trail where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Abernathy’s efforts were thwarted. (more)

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