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  • Glen Mitchell The best radio person in Texas and maybe the entire free world, my buddy Glenn Mitchell, passed away Sunday morning. [Joe Nick's blog, November 22, 2005]
  • The Sirius Radio 25 cent Tour The curtain of Oz is pulled back for a peek! I got the 25 cent tour of the headquarters of Sirius satellite radio on the 36th Floor of a high rise on the Avenue of the Americas from The Rig Rocker, the guy who programs Outlaw Country/Channel 36. [Joe Nick's blog, February 12, 2005]
  • The Voice and Big D The recent death of John Peel, the most storied radio voice in British broadcasting history, hit close to home. [Joe Nick's blog, November 4, 2004]
  • My Obsession Joe Nick Patoski leaves this terrestrial plane -- radio plane, that is. [Austin Chronicle, Music Feature, December 19, 2003]
  • Distress Signal San Antonio's Clear Channel Communications may dominate Texas' airways, but the way it does business is tuning out to the best things on the radio. [Texas Monthly, November 2001 Media]


  • Radio personality and co-producer of two 12 hour Texas music specials, KUT-FM, Austin, 1975-1979
  • Radio personality, KFAD-FM, Arlington, 1971

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