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The Ride - Los Lobos

Los Lobos - The RideHarp Magazine
September/October 2004

When it comes to defining American music over the past quarter century, no band comes close to Los Lobos. It would be understandable, given their long track record, if they slacked off now and then, as The Ride's lengthy lineup of guest artists including Cafe Tacuba, Bobby Womack, Ruben Blades, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Mavis Staples and Garth Hudson seems to suggest. (What? Rob Thomas wasn't available?). But fears of sliding into complacency are alleviated from the first throaty honk of Steve Berlin's bari sax on "La Venganza de Los Pelados," the opening track on which Los Lobos flash their Mexicanismo credentials all the way through the last note of "Chains of Love." Sure the guests gussy up the proceedings, particularly Elvis' turn on "Matter of Time" and Mavis Staples' soaring vocals on "Someday." But it's tracks like "Rita"Ņall atmosphere, introspection, with no outside help whatsoever-that make this more than just another album from just another band from East L.A.. With Los Lobos in charge, music doesn't get any better than this in these United States.

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