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Willie Nelson: An Epic Life  
Chingo Bling Saved by the Belle She rose from welfare mom to Nashville queen. No wonder Naomi Judd has so much to tell the world about healing, finding joy, and beating the disease that nearly took her life. [AARP The Magazine, May & June 2007]
No Depression Magazine

The Fall and Rise of Blaze Foley Mike Fuller loved his friends, drank too much, applied duct tape liberally, and was shot to death in 1989. His songs have made him a legend. [No Depression, September-October 2006] [blog Blaze Letters]

Southwest Spirit Magazine

Hi Fi Nation The first time I saw High Fidelity, I thought my life story had been put on the big screen. [Southwest Spirit Magazine, July 2006]

The Boys with the Bands Joe Nick Patoski interviews Roland Swenson, Nick Barbaro, and Louis Black - founders of the infamous SXSW Festival. [The Texas Observer, March 10, 2006]

Chingo Bling Keeping Up With Jones The King of Country Music shows us his Nashville [AARP The Magazine, July & August 2006]
MTV Cast

And the Hot Tub Goes to . . . Austin When Mayor Will Wynn of Austin announced last December that MTV's "Real World" would be filming its 16th season in his city, he did so with the enthusiasm of a civic leader who had just persuaded a Fortune 500 company to move to his neighborhood. [The New York Times, June 19, 2005]

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson How much is one picker's word worth. And whatever happened to peace on earth? [No Depression, September-October, 2004]

Chingo Bling

Walk Like Cleto
H-town's Chingo Bling slings tamale beats [Austin Chronicle, June 11, 2004]

The Resentments
The Resentments: Sunday Evening Coming Down
How the Resentments rose from under-the-radar lark to become a real band with a higher place and purpose. [No Depression, March-April, 2004]
Celeste Opry Songwriter helps lead the fight against development Mr. Russell and five of his neighbors managed to reroute massive overhead power lines. [The Dallas Morning News, December 12, 2003]
A Night at the Opry The Celeste Opry features old-fashioned jamborees with country-fried fun for the whole family. [The Dallas Morning News, October 18, 2003]
You Cheated
The Cult of Ray Ray Benson steps out from behind the Wheel. [Austin Chronicle, July 18, 2003]
You Cheated Texas Top 40 [Austin Chronicle, November 8, 2002]
Lloyd Maines

Y'all in the Family How did Lloyd Maines get to be a revered guitarist and record producer? How did his daughter Natalie find fame as a Dixie Chick? [Texas Monthly, May 2000]

Jimmy Reed

Jimmy Reed, Emancipator of the South: An Oral History
The quest begins with the discovery of a black and white photograph taken in 1961. [Blues Access magazine, Summer 2000, Issue No. 42]

The Queen Is Dead
Selena Quintanilla Perez, tejano's first superstar, was about to become an international pop sensation. Instead, she's another victim of gun violence in Texas. [Texas Monthly, May 1995]

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