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Unreasonable Woman

Border Crossing in the Chihuahua Desert Cross-boundary conservation efforts secure North America's hidden wilderness. [Nature Conservancy, Winter 2007, pdf file]

Seadrift Nation "Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight For Seadrift, Texas" [Texas Observer, Books and the Culture, November 04, 2005]

101 Spring Street

The House That Judd Built Late artist Donald Judd worked and lived at the busy corner of Mercer and Spring Streets. His building and its contents–the art collection Judd accrued over a lifetime-may soon be available for public viewing. [Time Out New York, August 14-21, 2003]

see also What Would Donald Judd Do?

Touchdown Touchdown! Houston kicks off with a new NFL team and a state-of-the-art stadium. [Texas Journey, July/August 2002]
Philip True True Story When on of his reporters turned up missing in Mexico, the editor of the San Antonio Express-News took on one of the most important assignments of his life. [Texas Monthly, Media, October 2001]
American Way
The Show Must Go On Its stars may be senior citizens, but The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies rivals any spectacular in Vegas or on Broadway. [American Way, October 15, 1999]
Weather Channel
Wind, Rain, Sleet or Snow Go behind the scenes at The Weather Channel, the cable empire whose seventy-two million households depend on it come hell or high water. [American Way, March 1, 1999]
Mr. Robinson Mr. Robinson Means Business David Robinson is back – healthy, stronger and glad that Tim Duncan is on his side. [NBA Inside Stuff, November 1997]
Domed Ballparks The Passing of Grass Domed ballparks all commit the one sin: The good Lord never intended the great game of baseball to he played on carpet. [Americay Way, October 15, 1990]

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