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Joe Nick PatoskiSomewhere In America, 2007

Willie Nelson: An Epic Life
April 2008


The sea of humanity swells and roils all the way to the horizon, a sea of thousands of eyes fixed on him, thousands of hands clapping, a chorus of voices cheering and yelling, lips whistling, feet stomping, smiles everywhere all because of him. Lone Star flags and arms thrusting skyward, hands clutching cigarette lighters and cans of beer above heads bobbing like buoys because of the music. The old man with the wild white eyebrows and crinkled skin, his long white hair pulled back into two braids tries to make eye contact with as many eyes as he can in ten seconds before glancing offhandedly over his shoulder at the musicians standing and sitting in place behind him, strapping on his guitar, and stepping to the microphone with a casualness that betrays a lifetime of going through the very same ritual night after night, year after year. He half-sings, half-talks five magic words that trigger a sonic roar.


Whisk-key Riv-verrr take my miiiiiind.


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Chapter 1, 2, 3


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